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We're an online, international tech academy for people

Teachers, tutors and coordinators, as well as career coaches and admission advisors work at Boolean every day to transform technology enthusiasts with zero programming knowledge (and a great desire to learn) into professional Software Developers. With our six month full-time course, we help students to find new careers in the Software Development industry.

Do we really succeed? Absolutely! More than 95% of our students start their careers within six months of completing the course.

Boolean Team

At Boolean, students find a real community. It’s made of classmates and all the people students come into contact with every day. The community is here to have an impact on studies and work, and this is why we’re an academy and not just a training course.

Our mission

We want to make training in the tech field more accessible and smart, giving everyone the opportunity to create a career from scratch. Every day we continue developing and improving a teaching method that allows people to learn complete, concrete and specific concepts in a short time.

Our values


We offer an in-depth, professional training experience. We choose our teachers carefully to deliver a complete and high-quality programme of study.


We make things easy and we practice what we preach: our approach is to be efficient and effective. Through this approach, we help students to make a real change in their life.


We don't make promises we can't keep. We are sincere, transparent and reliable: we will never use any asterisks*.


Our community has a big positive impact on your Boolean experience and this is why we’re an academy and not just a training course.


Just as students choose us to change the direction of their careers, so too are we constantly asking ourselves where we can improve the way we teach code.

*We promise!