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Hire the best talent to grow your business

Sign up to the free Boolean Hiring Platform and you can quickly hire Software Developers who are ready to work for your company. You’ll be able to see all of our job-ready alumni: a group of determined Software Developers trained to meet the needs of today's and tomorrow's market. Our goal is to help our students start their careers, and that's why the Boolean Hiring Platform is completely free for partner companies.

Why hire Boolean-trained Software Developers?

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They are ready to work immediately

The students profiled in the Boolean Hiring Platform have completed their studies and are ready to join your company. They are used to home working and managing projects remotely, and are spread across the country if you need people in the office.

They studied more

Compared to profiles from three-month boot camps, Boolean alumni have been writing code for twice as long. And it’s not just programming languages: they’ve also developed a programming mindset and learnt how to problem solve with code.

They are motivated

The Boolean students signed up for our course to change their lives. They committed themselves for a full six months, they’ve given it their all, and are raring to start their new career as a Software Developer.

They’ve been pre-selected

On average, we accept one in 10 applications to join one of our classes. Students are selected based on their aptitude for coding and motivation in wanting to study and change their lives. This means the standard is high from the start.

How does the Boolean Hiring Platform work?

Thanks to the exclusive Boolean platform, you have free access to the best developers around. Register, choose the right profiles for your company, and hire your future talent.

Register and wait for approval

Not all companies can become Boolean Partners, so get in touch with us and request approval.

Consult the platform

Browse the Hiring Platform to find new profiles in line with your company's needs.

Save the profiles

Make a shortlist with your favourite profiles and contact them to start your selection process.

Hire for free

Manage the selection process with complete autonomy, at no cost. The Boolean Hiring Platform is a service offered to facilitate the entry of our students into the world of work.

You can find some of the companies that hire Boolean students below:

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