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Become a Software Developer in six months.

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6th June
Application deadline
28th May

The admissions process

There are limited places for each Boolean cohort and you'll need to go through our admissions process to enrol. You can apply even if you are starting from scratch and you have no programming experience. You'll need motivation, passion, logical thinking and full-time commitment to change your life in six months. Our selection process will help you to understand if you have a talent for coding and if the Boolean course is the right fit for you.

Girl process admissions
  • Fill in the form

    Start the admissions process. Don't let someone else take your place!

  • Book your interview

    You'll have a no-strings attached video call to find out if the Boolean course is the right for you.

  • Pass the logic test and interview

    Test yourself with a short logical thinking test, followed by an interview with your Admissions Officer.

  • Complete your enrolment

    Once you pass the selection process, you can make it official and become a Booleaner!