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Become a Software Developer in six months

  • No previous knowledge required

  • Six months of full-time classes

  • Non-stop online learning

  • One-to-one support

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Why become a Software Developer?

Make a smart choice for your future: start a career in tech. The technology landscape is changing continuously and demand for developers is growing rapidly.

Software developers have become key roles in every company. The role is responsible for designing and building software, web applications, and creating the interfaces that users see, along with all the invisible mechanisms that allow a system to function. The skills you learn with Boolean will prepare you for this with a mix of hands-on practice, practical lessons, and discussions. All of the exercises you learn from are drawn from the world of work; we diligently keep our syllabus up-to-date according to industry needs.

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How the course works

Boolean's Software Development online course is full time. This means that for six months, from Monday to Friday for seven hours per day, you will build the skills for your new career. After attending lessons in our Virtual Classroom, you'll put your new knowledge into practice through challenges and exercises. Our team of professionals are here to support you along the way, and by the end of the course you'll be ready to start your new career!

Morning 9:30 - 13:00

450 hours of cohort sessions where you will learn and workshop how to use in-demand technologies like NodeJS and React

Afternoon 14:30 - 18:00

450 hours of practical work with our team of teaching assistants, who will support you to hone your software development skills

Our approach

You'll start from scratch

Even if you've never written a line of code we'll teach you everything

Learn from senior developers

Experience online and live classes, learning from real industry professionals

Practice on real projects

Live coding and daily challenges are inspired by real world problems

Experience the world of work

Our unique professional team development simulation will prepare you to deliver software in the industry

What you will learn to do

The course starts from scratch and gives you all the skills you’ll need for a tech career, even if you've never programmed before.
Over 900 hours, we cover everything you need to become a full-stack developer, including: the fundamentals of programming (like understanding requirements, problem solving and debugging); front-end development (the part that is visible to users in the browser); back-end tasks (creating applications that can handle HTTP requests and persist data); and team development (building software in a team).

Build responsive websites

After the first three weeks you’ll know how to create a static web page in HTML and CSS from a simple graphic. Later you'll know how to build more complex and responsive layouts, like the Spotify player or the PlayStation website homepage.

Develop your problem solving skills

You will build and test your new programmer's mindset, understanding how to solve problems using Node.js. You’ll get better at understanding requirements, modelling problem domains and designing small programmes. This key part of the course will lay your foundation for success.

Create dynamic front-end applications

Using your new knowledge, you’ll design, build and test applications using JavaScript in browsers. You’ll learn how to make requests to external APIs, so you can display data on webpages using standard industry tools and best practice. You’ll then learn to use React to accelerate the development process.

Create web applications and use data stores

You’ll learn how to create RESTful server-side applications to handle HTTP requests using Express.js, and you’ll understand how to use a relational data store like PostgreSQL to develop more advanced features, such as user creation dashboards and product management.

Develop software in a team

Putting everything together, your cohort will work together in small feature teams on the same production application for an extended time period. This is a team development simulation, where you’ll work on tasks from a kanban board, participating in planning sessions, standups, retrospectives and feature demonstrations. You’ll understand the software development lifecycle, and will continuously integrate code and deploy features.

Showcase your design skills

You’ll be able to demonstrate your skills and understanding in a final capstone project at the end of the course.

The tech you'll learn

We have optimised the course programme for software developers to include all of the in-demand technologies of today's (and tomorrow's) world of work.

Syllabus image with boy at the tablet
Syllabus image with boy at the tablet
Check out the full syllabus

Find out how we will help you change your life

Learn from the best

We can teach you programming in just six months thanks to the professionals we have here to help you. Having great teachers with industry experience means you can experience live coding demos and receive regular feedback on your work.

A good teacher is prepared and passionate about what he or she teaches, but they are also capable of understanding the needs of each student and creating constructive dynamics in the classroom. We offer the best teachers, for the best student experience.

Experienced pros

Our teachers are skilled developers with many years of industry experience

Motivated teachers

Our teaching team work with you to understand your needs and support your learning

Trained to be Boolean

All our teachers have been trained in the Boolean way of teaching

Always around to help

You have a dedicated team of teachers with you for your entire six months with us

No ex-students

We don’t hire our alumni to our teaching team unless they’ve had professional coding experience

Led by the best

Our Head of Teaching has spent years teaching coding to beginners and brings that experience to Boolean

We don't just find you a job. Together, we build your career.

To guide you to success, we don't just provide you with the right tools and contacts - we stand by your side until the contract is signed.

Does this work? Yes it does, as 95% of our students find a software development role at the end of the course. And the next one could be you!

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Syllabus image with girl
Syllabus image with girl
Check out the full syllabus

Find out more about our career services